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Μετατροπέας SΑΤΑ θηλ. σε PATA IDE 40pin αρσ. Converter Adapter για δίσκους 3.5″ – ΟΕΜ


SATA to P ATA  3.5″ converter

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Μετατροπέας SΑΤΑ θηλυκό σε PATA IDE 40pin αρσενικό Converter Adapter για δίσκους HDD 3.5″

SATA  TO PATA IDE Converter Adapter For 3.5 HDD DVD
Convert SATA/7+15 port into a PATA IDE port.
Plug & Play, no drive needed.
Fit for 3.5/2.5 SATA HDD DVD.
Fit for all SATA type devices, such as CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD/DVD-RAM/HDD.
One 40 pin IDE port to connect the SATA port of the motherboard
One Serial ATA port to connect the SATA port of the hard diskOne 4 pin power connector
Support ATA 100/133.
Compliant with Serial ATA Specification.

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